How to Get Started With Instant Play Games

Online gaming technology has come a long way since its inception. Many of the early games required a software download, but there are more and more online casino brands offering instant play slots and other games that you can get involved with today.


What Exactly is an Instant Play Casino Game?

Instant play casino games, unlike downloaded software games, are played directly from your web browser, and are driven by plugins like Flash Player (which is why they're also sometimes referred to as Flash games). This is a convenient solution that enables you to play your favorite games at your favorite brand casinos without waiting for downloads, or for programs to install - you can dip in and out of various sites with ease, too.

What are the Benefits?

We live in a mobile age, and one of the biggest advantages that instant play games have over other casino games is that many of them can be played on smartphones and tablets. This gives you the flexibility to decide how, and when you want to play your favorite games.

What Kind of Mighty Slots Instant Play Casino Games are Available?

If you're looking for a large variety of casino games, instant play is probably the way you'll want to go. Because there is no complicated desktop software to engineer, the online casinos are able to provide a much bigger array of games, including slots, many varieties of poker, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, craps and more. Slots are definitely one of the most popular types of Flash casino games out there, and for good reason - they are fast, fun, and the prizes can be huge.


Can you win Real Money with Instant Play Casino Games?

Exactly as with downloaded games, instant play games can be played for real money. When you sign up to a casino, you'll be able to top up your virtual wallet with funds to wager in whichever game you want to play, and if you 'play your cards right', that online balance will keep on growing.


Are There any Ways to Play Games for Free?

Casino bonus codes make fun games even more fun! How, you ask? Well if you think winning is a great feeling, imagine winning with zero risk to your own money, literally getting free money. Looking for these bonus codes is a simple process, you can use a search engine, you can sign up to email newsletters from your favorite casinos, or if you play regularly, you may even see bonuses pop up during live play.

What Kind of Bonuses are Available for Instant Play Casino Games?

There are two main types of bonus code that you're likely to find, and those are no deposit, and deposit match. No deposit bonuses, quite simply, mean that you don't actually have to transfer any of your money to the casino in order to play (and win) cash. Deposit match bonuses are also straight forward, for example, you deposit $20, and the casino gives you and additional $20 to play with.